La Prairie’s answer to Retinol era

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Indulge in the line-smoothing potency of caviar, tonight and beyond. La Prairie scientists explored the unchartered realms of the night and created a new Swiss caviar incarnation, Caviar Retinol. A unique blend of caviar-derived retinol and caviar lipids, Caviar Retinol harnesses the line-smoothing potential of caviar science, beyond lifting and firming. A cobalt blue outer jar houses an opaque black inner vessel, encasing this delicate formulation. At once generous and silky, the formula soothes and cushions skin, for total indulgence. Over time, lines and wrinkles appear reduced, skin looks firmed and moisture is sealed in, prolonging the elusive strength of caviar, beyond the night.

The scientists at La Prairie asked themselves a very simple question. What might the night unveil? Through extensive research, La Prairie scientists identified an elusive component of caviar that thrives at night. Rare, natural Retinol. A molecule coveted for its unmatched line-smoothing efficacy, yet extremely difficult to capture and retain. It can only exist in obscurity. Subjected to light, it ceases to exist at all. La Prairie scientists were determined to bring to life this elusive strength of caviar, beyond lifting and firming. The result is a new caviar ingredient: Caviar Retinol. Composed of caviar lipids and caviar-derived retinol, Caviar Retinol is exclusive to La Prairie. It is obtained through a specially-designed extraction process, which creates the ideal conditions to capture and retain both caviar lipids and caviar-derived Retinol. Thanks to this unique combination, La Prairie's Caviar Retinol harnesses the line-smoothing potential of caviar science, beyond lifting and firming. Designed to work in conjunction with the skin's natural rhythm, Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil helps counteract age-induced decreases in skin functionality. The formula is further enhanced with the Exclusive Cellular Complex, La Prairie scientific signature and guardian of the skin.


The night’s last gesture. Apply nightly after cleansing, toning and application of lotion, serum and eye area treatments. Using the dropper, dispense two to four drops into the palm of the hand and gently warm between the palms of both hands and glide onto fingers. Keeping your hand flat, start with a sliding motion between eyebrows, slide up to forehead. Continue towards the temples, slide across the cheekbones towards the top of nose and continue down to jawline. Slide fingertips of one hand around the contours of the mouth. Finish by sliding fingers along the jawline from chin to earlobes. Repeat entire pattern until absorbed. With your fingertips, perform the signature sealing gesture on the forehead, chin, cheeks and jawline: starting on the forehead and chin, repeat a press-and-roll motion three times. Follow the same pattern on the cheeks and jawline.


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